About Us

Ro is an engineer and has always loved making things.  With lots of children in her life she was finding it difficult to find creative gifts she really wanted to give. So we created a range of products.  The requirement of those products? Creative toys that offer big fun with a small footprint.  What does that mean?

Big fun

We wanted toys that would help people explore fun, creativity and connection.  Our toys are deliberately designed for owners to make their own or to use straight away.  Our toys can be the first step to a big creative project, or a race around the garden, the creation of a new story, a prop for a show or a way of introducing learning in a fun way. These toys encourage kids to invent, decorate, imagine and be active.

Small footprint

We want our toys to be environmentally friendly so that you can enjoy our toys without guilt.  This way kids can modify our products, or use them to their limits without a second thought. We even design our packaging to be both fun and useful.


As well as being eco-friendly we care about the space these products take up in your life.  Our cardboard models fold away and can be stored back in their delivery boxes, safe for next time, so people in small homes can enjoy these products without sacrificing lots of space.

We want to collaborate with companies that ship their products in cardboard boxes to re-work their packaging into exciting projects that bring joy to families.  If you are interested in a collaboration please get in touch.

Why Creative?

As an engineer Ro knows how difficult it is to start being creative, especially while living a busy life.  Moving from idea to project can be challenging, requiring planning, equipment and time.  Our products make this quick and easy without needing skills or tools.  Our models, printables and game ideas let you start where you want.  In your hands our products become unique and allow you to take an individual journey.